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Chowel India

Company Overview

Chowel was established in 1976 by manufacturing welding equipments and built a unique position in Korea. Chowel understood the necessity of welding equipments and started production as this equipment was an important factor to develop the necessary infrastructures like Shipyards, Heavy Industries like Defence, Construction, and Aviation etc. Chowel’s mission is to develop products which have the most advanced technology base, proper quality management system and to produce highly efficient machines in different kinds of welding viz-a-viz ARC / TIG / MIG / MAG / CO2. Chowel is not only developing the equipment but also the service provider of total welding solution and it is producing various kinds of Resistance Welding Machines, controllers which have the worldwide quality and have the greatest market share in the Automobile Industry and so on. Also, CHOWEL is a global player accomplishing specialization of manufacturer of Special Purpose Machine and Automatic Welding Machine line with advanced technology by contributing realization of factory automation. Chowel is committed to customer delight by achieving the customer needs like Quality, Cost, Delivery and better service provider up to the customer satisfaction level. Chowel is leading the way in the Welding Industry. Chowel is a focused supplier of Resistance Welding Products, an Jig & Fixture lines to the Automotive companies. We excel in providing customized Resistance Welding products based on RWMA Standards and Jig & Fixture lines. We have one of the largest manufacturing and technological centers in the world. Thru the years we have rapidly acquired a reputation as an innovator for precision engineered products sold to the automotive markets in Asia, Europe and the United States. Our commitment does not stop with technology. We believe that providing service and support with our product is essential in giving our customers the total confidence and peace of mind that should accompany a custom - engineered product.

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