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This line assembles Arc welding machine (CO2, TIG, MIG, MAG and etc.) which is used widely in industry. A bundle of assembly process with high efficiency and strict quality test can satisfy all requirement of customer.

This line produce all kind of resistance welding transformer including a portable spot welding machine which are mainly used in automobile industries.The products from this line has excellent durability, weldibility and top class quality. These assembly line consist of mass production system to meet customer's demand.

Drive-oven is a moulding equipment of welding transfomer used for every type of resistance welding system with multi-purpose. These machines can keep excellent performance by full-mould method against heat; moisture and vibration in sever working condition.

The accuracy is the most important factor in automatic welding fixture of automobil industries. chowel's welding fixture inspection by precision equipment (allowable error: 5/1000mm) can keep welding machine in best quality and are contributed to customer's reliance and productivity.

This line consists of efficient assembly system to prevent troubles through the strict inspection by each process from design, manuacture to assembly.

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